The time has come.  Its actually come several times over but for one reason or another I have side stepped it, dodged it and even smashed it in its face with a fuck you!  But this time, time is kicking my ass and I am backing down.  I’ve embarked on a journey of true discovery and frankly I’m shitting bricks.  This isn’t going to be your average walk in the park or stroll on the beach kind of journey.  This is going to be a mother fucking shit storm of a trip and this blog is a random idea that popped into my head just this afternoon.  I usually vent my emotions through writing songs that reflect my pain, but I think this is going to need a little more than a three chord melody.  So if you’re here, and you’re still reading, thank you, and I hope some of what I write hits the spot.  if it helps you get where you need to be a little sooner, that’s awesome.  Please feel free to leave a comment and get in touch.  Soooo….  Lets do this.

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